Disana Shorty Wool Natur

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Nappy Disana is ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

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Ideal for sensitive skin . The panties Disana wool contains no elastic , so no marks on the baby's skin.

Panties to put in 100% organic merino wool knit . ( 2-ply , soft and comfortable to wear ) "Using over traditional layers " .

Lanolin, natural wax contained in the wool fiber , provides imperméablilité and neutralization of odors.

If washing by hand or machine at 30 degrees (wool program) and regularly requires a lanolin bath wool making resistant to water.

Important: after each wash do not forget to stretch the outer wrap for that the latter resumes its original form.

It comes in 4 sizes:

  • 62/68 cm
  • 74/80 cm
  • 86/92 cm
  • 98/104 cm

Disana The products are made according to the highest ecological standards Strites Europeen market

Made in Germany disana

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Disana Shorty Wool Natur

Disana Shorty Wool Natur

Nappy Disana is ideal for babies with sensitive skin.


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