Pibella Comfort-Set

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Piballa urinal refill: 5 spare pockets for your PIBELLA urinal.

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First: insert the Pibella duct into the pocket by introducing it with a strong pressure.

Secondly: insert the Pibella tongue into the vagina and fix it by light pressure on the upper wall of the vagina.

Third: the female urinal up and close with the lid.

Wear the pocket by the handles. Remove the pee duct there from the pouch and empty the urine. Eliminate the duct then Bella and the pocket in good form. For multiple use, the Billa conduit and lid can also be cleaned, sterilized and temperature resistant and machine up to 135 °.

Exercise by hand: the orange dot symbolizes the exit of urine. Perform the operation the first time with an absorbent bottom

Please refer to the drawing on the cover thank you.

Quantity: 5 spare pouches for Pibella female urinal.

Hospitals / Home

Pibella Comfort - An excellent alternative and solution for patients and caregivers

Reduce the falls

Nurses and doctors appreciate Pibella Comfort to reduce falls. An impressive study of the "aarReha" clinic Schinznach-Bad, Switzerland

Outdoor / Travel / Shipping

Pibella Comfort is a nice and revolutionary alternative by which the "Woman" can pee discreetly and quickly.

pibella nappillafemal urination system


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Pibella Comfort-Set

Pibella Comfort-Set

Piballa urinal refill: 5 spare pockets for your PIBELLA urinal.