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  • Bamboolik

    Bamboolik washable diapers are the healthiest solution for your baby, because these washable diapers are made of natural materials, without chemical additives; they are also very breathable which helps prevent skin irritation and other possible health problems. However, if you would like to know more about Bamboolik cloth diapers, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

  • BilliesBox

    Billiesbox, smart and sustainable!

  • Clarange

    Clarange, what is it? It is a French brand from Lyon to be precise, the designer Géraldine, as a passionate stylist she began to cut, cut, sew beautiful washable wipe, and the story began. From beautiful make-up wipes to baby washable wipes, Clarange was born.

  • Clémence et Vivien

    Clemence and Vivien what is it? soaps, balms and deodorants bio just for our happiness.

  • Coscoon

    Coscoon offers 100% natural Do It Yourself cosmetics boxes. Coscoon currently has 5 cosmetics boxes to make yourself with a simple degree of difficulty, because it must remain simple. So do not wait, opt for 100% natural cosmetics made with your own hands.

  • Culla di Teby

    A happy child, a calm mother, a cleaner world This is the slogan of Culla di Teby, a new generation hybrid nappy .

  • Disana

    Disana is a safe bet in the field of organic cotton organic layers, all products are made in Germany, we have only one word to say about this brand excellence "

  • Doujañ

    Doujañ (which means "protect, respect" in Breton) is a SCOP (Cooperative Production Society) created by two sisters.

  • Dresdner Essenz

    Here is a company you can trust Dresdener Essenz, a company that is more than 100 years old, 108 years old to be precise. This company has kept its natural side for the best of your skin. All products sold are manufactured in Germany in Dresden. "The best of nature just for you"

  • Ella's House

    Ella's house offers a full range of washable diapers, inserts, and other products for feminine hygiene to discover on our website. It's actually our favorite brand, because we started with them, it's an extraordinary company, they make products of an irreproachable quality, and especially hygiene products like washable towels or protect them underpants. a superb way, for a very correct price, we love them.

  • Gaia Cup

    Gaia Pads, makes panty liners in organic cotton with a very good price-quality ratio. Tierra Verde: Their goal is to make products for everyday use with the least negative impact on health and the environment and to be as beneficial as possible for people and the environment. That's why we decided to propose them on Nappilla. We tell them bravo.

  • Grünspecht

    Natural product made in Germany, for baby


  • Hamac

    hamac Hybride cloth nappies super trendy!!

  • Hu-da

    Bille Ka, Austrian firm, a great reference in cloth nappy and nappy cover in organic material. A value for tens of years, for us they make the best nappy cover of the European market

  • Hydrophil

    Hydrophil, here is a brand that we really like, why? Because in fact we use their products every day, yes yes in everyday life as well as our children with bamboo toothbrushes, their soaps and sponge konjac, just a word SUPER.

Showing 1 - 15 of 38 items