How to choose the right menstrual cut? That's a good question, isn't it? With us, you will find two models of menstrual cut, the "Luneale", a French-made menstrual cut. It is a "top-of-the-range" menstrual cut due to the materials used and the "Lamazuna", a menstrual cut also made in France but which this time uses the stem system that you will not find at Luneale. So if you have any questions, don't worry, on each product sheet you will find our FAQ. Enjoy your visit.

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Comment bien choisir coupe menstruelle Luneale, Nappilla peut vous aider


This menstrual cup, unlike the other cups, has been redesigned, its innovative design makes it a unique cup. Made of 100% platinum medical silicone.

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Comment choisir sa coupe menstruelle Lamazuna, Nappilla peut vous aider


Reducing waste in our bathroom and simplifying everyday life in a healthy and ecological way are Lamazuna's key words. Total success, congratulations Lamazuna!

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accessoires pour les coupes menstruelle, Nappilla peut vous aider


In our accessories you will find, fabric bags for your wipes cup when you leave or our start kit to start new adventures.

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The adventure cuts Menstrual!!

Briefly, why should you switch to menstrual cutting? First of all, it protects your vaginal flora, which is no small thing, and you will also save money. And this is not great for us. Because we won't risk seeing you hanging around the store anymore. Unless you want to put our shop as a favorite in your browser to shop for some solid organic cosmetics:). Finally, we won't hide from you that you will give a boost to your zero waste for the planet approach. So summarize it: more practical, better for your health, more economical and much, but much more ecological. So? You are leaving with us the Cup adventure!

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