How to choose your menstrual cup correctly? Here is a good question not ?. Here you will find only two models, the Meluna, one of the first on the European market that is German made and the Luneale, the latest French manufacture, the ultimate in menstrual cups, if you ask Questions, do not worry, on each product sheet is our FAQ. Good visit.

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How to choose Luneale menstrual cup, Nappilla can help you


This menstrual cup unlike other cuts has been redesigned, its innovative design makes it a unique cup. Made of 100% platinum medical silicone.

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How to choose Meluna menstrual cup, Nappilla can help you


The MeLuna is a menstrual cup in medical grade TPE, it is flexible and reusable every time you have your period. Of German manufacture.

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How to choose Lamazuna menstrual cup, Nappilla can help you


Reducing waste in our bathroom and simplifying everyday life in a healthy and ecological way are the keywords of Lamazuna. They have totally succeeded.

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The accessories for menstrual cup, Nappilla can help you

The accessories 

In our accessories you will find cloth pouches for your cup of wipes when you leave or our kit start to start new adventures. you will find our start kit to start new adventure.

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