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Delivery information.

Free shipping for all withdrawals at our bridging points.

Nappilla   -->  58 rue Michel Rodange, 7248 Bereldange

Paysde 0€ à 65€de 65€ à 150€150€ à 300€
Germany4.98 €urosFREEFREE
Grande-Bretagne9.50 €uros5.00 €urosFREE
Austria5.40 €urosFREEFREE
Belgium4.98 €urosFREEFREE
France4.98 €urosFREEFREE
Italy8.90 €uros4.00 €urosFREE
Luxembourg4.67 €urosFREEFREE
Netherlands4.80 €urosFREEFREE
Portugal10.00 €uros5.00 €urosFREE
Danemark15.00 €uros9.50 €urosFREE
Sweden15.00 €uros9.50 €urosFREE
Swiss11.50 €uros5.00 €urosFREE

Our commitment to a healthier environment

We do our utmost to use only recycled or recyclable products during our shipments.

The parcels
because we are committed to the environment, these products are recyclable and they have been designed from a minimum of 70% recycled paper.

Invoices and delivery notes
We use Xerox 100% recycled and 100% recyclable white paper to print our invoices and purchase orders. This paper, made from recycled paper, is completely identical to paper made from non-recycled materials. It is a 100% ecological product.

Eco-friendly document doors
Because for us, it is important to use eco-friendly products we opted for this eco-friendly wallet. The pouch is made from 70% renewable raw materials. This pouch comes from the Greenlist brand.

At the moment we use an ecological polypropylene adhesive tape. that is, it contains at least 30% plastic at least as traditional adhesive tapes. We will try to opt for a paper adhesive in the future.

Regarding the delivery
For the moment, we use the delivery service of Post Luxembourg. All packages have a tracking number that allows you at any time to know where your package is here is the link that you can do It is a safe and state-owned transport company.