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Questions and Answers on the use of cloth diapers.

You are tempted by cloth diapers, but you have questions? This FAQ is for you.

The most frequently asked questions deserve an answer on this medium. If despite this list you have any unanswered questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail address or by phone at 621 22 74 71 / 691 135 932 Thank you

How many cloth diapers do I really need ?

If you have decided to use 100% cloth diapers, you will need about 24 absorbent diapers. This should be enough if you do your laundry in 2 days. It is necessary to calculate a day for drying. When we say "about 24 absorbent diapers", we mean that you must have the appropriate number and type of liners for your diapers according to your baby's age and needs.

How do I know which cloth diapers are the right ones for my baby ?

Indeed, there are different systems and materials, but this choice remains personal. Each type of layer offers its own benefits, investment cost, and ease of use. In addition, this response varies greatly from one family to another, depending on each family's personal preferences and experience. Ultimately, you will need to ask yourself these three questions: what do I expect from a cloth diaper? How do I want to use them? And what type of user will I be? You can request a consultation with us to determine the best solution from birth to cleanliness for your family.

What kind of laundry should I use to wash cloth diapers ?

Today, the market has many laundry products specially designed for washing cloth diapers while being environmentally friendly and sensitive to babies' skin (you can find laundry on our website). For all laundry purchased in supermarkets, avoid washing diapers with liquid laundry, especially microfibre inner layers which can accumulate soap and clog, thus reducing absorption. Avoid also laundry containing fabric softener, Marseille soap and artificial bleach. For information: half a dose of laundry powder is more than enough, the addition of essential oil (tea tree) in the rinsing tank disinfects the diapers and they smell good. Cloth diapers can shrink somewhat. Colours can also fade over time.

Disposable protective paper or washable fleece veil ?

There are several types of protective sails: thick protective papers for breastfed babies and thinner PLA. These sails are disposable, but resistant to washing, so they can be reused 2 to 3 times, for example if they were only in contact with urine.

Polar sails are washable. Their texture allows a "dry baby" effect and is therefore recommended for very young children. They have a structure that facilitates the evacuation of stool into the toilet.

How can I clean the diapers ?

If you feel that your diapers need to be disinfected, you can use all natural means such as adding soda to your washing machine or a few drops of tea tree oil in the washing cycle or in the dryer. Diapers dried under sunlight work very well. However, do not expose the overcoats to very or too hot sunlight. If you feel that you need a more robust solution (for example after infections, diarrhoea, fungal infections, or if you were not vigilant about recommended storage rules), you can use a chemical disinfectant such as Sanytol, for example. Please be careful when using Sanytol or any other chemical substance that may be hostile to our environment. Always be careful about the amount you use and carefully consider whether such a product is really necessary. Remember to wash the diaper with extra water and rinse properly before the next use. Do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail address or by phone at 621 22 74 71 / 691 135 932 for more information. Thank you. Thank you.

How long do cloth diapers last ?

All cloth diapers are designed to last an average of at least two years if the washing instructions are followed, which means that washing occurs once every 2-3 days. Our experience has shown that most items (especially inner diapers and liners) can last much longer. If you are expecting another child, it is not necessary to invest again. You may need to buy just a few extra layers that could have been damaged during washing or drying. Waterproof overcoats are indeed more fragile, try to avoid the tumble dryer in general, even if nowadays cloth diapers can withstand the tumble dryer well.

How many times do I have to change the diaper ?

The cycle to change your baby, recommended by experts, is every three hours unless the diaper is heavily soiled, so you should change it immediately. For newborns the cycle is much shorter and some experts believe that changes should take place every hour. Cloth diapers are designed to comfortably meet the experts' recommendation of three hours, but after 3 hours it doesn't work very well anymore, which is better for your baby anyway. There are special night diapers that are absorbent enough to keep your baby dry for 12 long hours at night in complete safety. Of course, as soon as the baby wakes up, you will have to change his diaper.

In addition to diapers, what accessories would I need ?

You will probably need some kind of wet bag to carry clean and dirty diapers when you are out of your home. Of course, dirty diapers should not be stored in plastic bags where they cannot breathe. Our small transport bags are the ideal size to be transported in the bottom of a pram. To find our accessories on the site it is here. 

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