First of all, what is a 'dirty layer?

A 'dirty' layer is a layer whose fibres are inlaid with residues of detergent or limestone. Signs that do not deceive: leaks as soon as the first pee, allergic reactions, strong odors... Microfiber and fleece layers will clog up faster than others.

You can test to see if the layer is dirty. Run a bit of water on the layer, if the water is absorbed quickly, your layer is quite correct for the job if however water beads on the layer, the latter is surely dirty.

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How to make a cool down?

First and foremost think foul up your machine washing 2 times per year, making a cycle empty at 90 ° C with half a bottle of white vinegar household.

wash all your diapers or absorbent parts (already own) at 60 ° no-lye and long cycle. Repeat once if necessary.
if the point n ° 2 did not work: you can rub the layer with a bit of ecological dishwashing detergent, leave, rinse and wash. Washing-up liquid removes fat creams etc.

certain detergents are also suitable for the regeneration of the diapers. In this case, dilute 2 or 3 tablespoons of detergent in hot water and will soak your layers (own) for 1 hour. Then wash them in machine at 60 ° no-lye.

A small bath of sodium bicarbonate can be beneficial to remove limestone residues. Things to do on own layers and passage at 60 ° behind.
Avoid soda crystals, bleach and too much vinegar to the daily which often strongly layers (especially the waterproof parties and elastics).

If possible use powdered ecological detergents, do not use any fabric softener, this type of product damage the diapers.

For some materials such as hemp and cotton, a small passage in the dryer from time to time can be beneficial. The fiber will be relaxed and will absorb better!

Information: If you feel you need a more robust solution (e.g. after infections, diarrhea, fungal infections, or if you were not careful (e) on the rules of storage recommended), you can use a chemical disinfectant such as Sanytol, for example. Please be careful when you used Sanytol or another chemical substance which can be hostile to our environment.

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