At Nappilla, all products are "made in Europe"

Why cloth nappies "made in Europe"?

Because we simply have in Europe producers of very good quality, producing products of great know-how and great technicality and having of course an extraordinary design. On the other hand some of the products are made in protected workshops. All materials are controlled on the basis of European standards, which are much stricter than in some "distant" countries.

The other reason why we decided to resell exclusively European manufacturing products, and simply the effect "carbon impact". The further we buy, the higher the carbon impact, which is why we decided to only have European suppliers for all products in our store.

Our goal: To promote positive impacts on the use of washable diapers and all other eco-friendly products, this consumption approach allows both to control the use of raw materials while preserving the health of babies and our well-being.

Together, we can change attitudes towards a better world for ourselves and our children.

nappilla couches lavables fabrication européenne

Sandra Siebenaller sage-femme infirmière en pédiatrie massage bébé conseillère en couches lavables

Sandra Siebenaller Founder of Nappilla.

Midwife | pediatric nurse | baby massage | cloth nappies consultant