FAQ coupes menstruelles meluna nappilla luxembourg
Frequently asked questions concerning the menstrual cup Meluna and use. If your question was not addressed until now do not hesitate to contact us.

1-What is the right size for me?

This depends on several factors. We have compiled information about the size for you. Please click here for more information.

2-Cleaning your cup ?

There are different methods for cleaning menstrual cups. Cick here for detailed information on cleaning care for your MeLuna, as well as valuable tips


Detailed information on the material and production of MeLuna can be found here.

4-Instruction for use.

Comprehensive information on the use of the menstrual cup can be found by clicking here.

5-Can I use the MeLuna to do sports?

Yes, of course you can also use your menstrual cup when exercising. Because of its flexible material, MeLuna will fit your vagina perfectly and will not affect your movement. For women participating in sports that particularly involve the core muscles we recommend the MeLuna Sport cup.

6-Me Luna, is it difficult to use?

The use of Me Luna is not very complicated. At the beginning, it may that you need a bit of practice (to insert andremove your MeLuna)
But once you have taken the habit, you'll be amazed by the simplicity and efficiency of its use.

7-Can I keep the MeLuna during sexual intercourse?

It is not possible to have sexual intercourse with a MeLuna, because it is placed at the entrance to the vagina

8-What to do if MeLuna leaking?

Le vagin étant incliné vers l’arrière, il faut donc guider la coupe menstruelle d’abord vers le dos puis la déplacer de haut en bas afin de trouver la bonne position.
La coupe menstruelle doit être vidée plusieurs fois par jour, (2 à 4 fois) et peut être utilisée durant la nuit (pas plus de 12 heures d’affilées). Vous apprendrez très vite à trouver votre propre rythme selon votre flux.
Vous pouvez utiliser la coupe menstruelle Me Luna  avant le début de vos règles car elle n’assèche pas la membranes du mucus vaginal et ne modifie pas les sécrétions vaginales.
La coupe menstruelle peut être portée à n’importe quel moment de votre cycle, pendant les règles les plus importantes comme les plus légères.
Il n’est pas nécessaire de retirer la coupe menstruelle pour aller aux toilettes, il suffit de vérifier que la coupe est toujours bien en place. Souvenez-vous de vous laver les mains soigneusement !

9-The benfits?

Comfort and protection of the vaginal flora
Respects the environment
Economic advantage
More information click here.

10-Can I sleep with my MeLuna?

The MeLuna may be worn for 12 hours, longer than a buffer. It can therefore remain in place overnight

11-How clean my Me Luna in public places?

You can wipe it with a wet wipe MeLuna and reintroduce it after. Alternativelyyou can clean it with cold water clean and pure.

12-What is the difference between a menstrual cup and a buffer?

Unlike buffers, MeLuna menstrual cup is reusableYou don't throw it away after use, it is therefore less polluting and economic because you don't have tobuy one every month. You save money and reduce your waste.
The other big difference and that is the most important lies in the products used in their manufacture as well as their mode of operation. The Cupmenstrual Me Luna contains no chemical product in contrast to the buffersSmall subtlety, the menstrual cup to retrieve the stream while the padsabsorb.
Conclusion, the menstrual cup does therefore not dry vagina.

13-I take a contraceptive, is there a risk if I use a menstrual cup?

No, MeLuna menstrual cup can be used with any contraceptive that exist on the market.

14-I would like to return or exchange my MeLuna. What are the return policies?

Since the MeLuna is a personal hygiene product no return or exchange is possible once the seal has been broken.

In the event that you may have accidently ordered the wrong style/size/model we can however accommodate you as long as the package has not been opened: For refund the unopened package has to be returned to us within 5 days of you receiving it. We will issue a refund for the purchase price of the products once we receive it. Sorry no refunds on shipping fees

15-I am a virgin. Can I use MeLuna?

Yes, you can. But please keep in mind that your hymen will probably tear.

16-I have a latex allergy. Can I use MeLuna?

Yes, you can. MeLuna is not made from latex, but from TPE.

17-My MeLuna is smelly!

Unpleasant odors can be prevented. MeLuna should be removed every 8 to 12 hours. Some women have reported temporary changes of smell, which are likely due to various proteins in the blood. A menstrual cup may suddenly assume a different smell, although it has been cleaned as usual. Usually odors disappear when you place your disinfected MeLuna in a dry, well-ventilated place for several days. Cick here for detailed information on cleaning care for your MeLuna, as well as valuable tips