Social Commitment Nappilla

For purchased menstrual cup, Nappilla agrees to pay € 0.50 to Luxembourg Follereau Foundation to support awareness and prevention program against female circumcision (FGM)

FGM concern today about 130 million women worldwide each year and three million girls are at risk of FGM. With its local partners, the Luxembourg Follereau Foundation (FFL) is committed to the protection of girls, particularly in Mali where the rate of excision reaches up to 92% in some regions. With its local partner, the NGO COFESFA, FFL offers educational sessions to inform the community of the dramatic consequences of excision. A micro-credit program motivates circumcisers to abandon the practice. Help us help the women of West African countries to free themselves from this ancient practice and avoid the psychological and physical trauma that it causes.

Nappilla decided to support this program:

To prevent severe psychological and physical trauma. To improve the quality of life of young women. To the right of women to start a family without having to risk their lives during pregnancy and especially during childbirth due to complications caused by FGM.

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