Privacy Policy + Cookie + RGPD

What are cookies used for?

Quite simply, it allows you to go faster and connect more quickly to the website you are using. The fact that it is cookies, this allows you to register and save your preferences. Our site stores cookies and files on your way to use our website, this information is not sold or anything else, it allows us to know who comes from which country, etc. It is to analyze quickly. Finally, when we have time to do it. :-)

These cookies and all these little programs you can delete them simply by doing a refresh of your Google or Firefox, etc. Just delete the history in its entirety in the tab that goes well. From memory for Google, you have to go to the three small dots in the top right then click on the "History" tab and then on "Clear browsing data". Well, that's it. :-)

Regarding the RGPD

How can you recover your personal data on our site then we have had some requests not necessarily to erase them, but simply to consult them, because if you erase them, you will have to re-register completely if you want to buy again on our website.

You can go from your account to go to the tab my personal data and have access to all your data and you can recover them in PDF or CSV you can simply follow the small video just below that allows you to know how.

We wish you a very good day.