Comfort and protection of the vaginal flora:

  • Since Me Luna does not absorb liquid, unlike tampons, it does not dry the mucous membranes and therefore, there is no negative impact on the vaginal flora. It does not leave any textile fiber in the vagina and can be used regardless of the menstruation flow.
  • Women who are prone to vaginal yeast infections, diseases caused by fungal infections, or simply have sensitive vaginal mucous membrane can avoid these conditions and spare the vaginal mucous membranes.
  • Smaller than an ordinary tampon, it perfectly fits the shape of the vagina once inserted to prevent leakage.
  • You’ll forget it soon and be able to carry on your normal work or get a good night’s sleep. Depending on its size, the menstrual cup Me Luna can collect a lot more blood compared to tampons or sanitary napkins.
  • Unlike tampons, menstrual cups have never been challenged with the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)


  • 100% made of medical PET, Me Luna contains no chemicals or perfumes that could dry out the vagina,
  • Does not reach the cervix
  • Can be sterilized, does not get dirty during urination and remains in place,
  • High tolerance at mucous membranes level, no toxic shock syndrome has been noted to date.

Environmentally friendly:

  • Me Luna is environmentally friendly. It can be reused for years as there’s no packaging that you have to throw or used tampons or sanitary napkins that you must get rid of with your household waste
  • Being made of PET, Me Luna can be recycled more easily than silicone.

Economical avantage:

  • In a lifetime, a woman uses about 10.000 sanitary napkins or tampons. Me Luna has a life cycle of 5 to 10 years and consequently is in the long-term the cheapest feminine hygiene product of the market.

comparatif coupe tampon serviette