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"And if we reduce our waste"

Nappilla, a family-owned microenterprise, raises awareness and leads towards a sustainable and sustainable consumption by offering advice, rental and sale of washable diapers and other "Made in Europe" products such as panty liners, sanitary napkins and menstrual cups. to reduce waste and protect the environment for generations to come. Nappilla makes the use of washable diapers easy and accessible to everyone, through the rental. Promoting the positive impacts of the use of washable diapers and all other eco-friendly products, this consumption approach allows both to control the use of raw materials while preserving the health of babies and our well-being.

Presentation of the founder

Sandra Siebenaller is at the origin of Nappilla. Midwife, pediatric nurse and certified counselor in cloth diapers. Mother of two young children. “From my personal experience and a daily communication with moms through postpartum home visits paid to new-born and young children, I discovered cloth diapers and the needs related to them. Having a paramedical career, I just felt the desire to be more in line with my personal beliefs and consequently to engage myself in “socially responsible” entrepreneurship. This small family business is focused on products such as cloth diapers, menstrual cups, baby leggings, sanitary napkins and other feminine hygiene items. With the help and support of my husband and two children, I would like to offer counseling, sales and rental services related to cloth diapers and other products reducing waste. I support “Made in Europe” products. Why “Made in Europe”? It’s simply because Europe abounds with high-quality producers that provide great expertise products. Together we can change attitudes toward a better world for our children.

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