Potential Difficulties and solutions

Because it would be unfortunate to get discouraged too quickly.


-If the odours persist on your clean diapers, reconsider the washing process (longer wash, minimum 40°, additional rinse or prewash).

-The diaper can have a stronger smell in the morning and when baby ‘is teething’. In this case, preferably use a diaper cover in wool or fleece which are the most airy.

-An stripping phase can remedy.

-Do not store your diapers more than 2 days before washing them. A completely airtight container traps and intensifies the odours : a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil on a cloth will deodorise it and limit the unpleasant odours. If you can, store them in a well-ventilated place, uncovered (balcony, garage…)

Red buttocks

Generally, rashes are less frequent with the use of cloth diapers, as they are free from chemical and petroleum-based products (except for Microfleece insert).
However, redness, small spotsand rashes can appear :

-when you switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers or inversely when travelling for example : in a few days everything will have disappeared.
-around baby’s tummy and thighs : the diaper is too tight.
- because you may not be changing your baby often enough ? Generally, a change every 2 to 3 hours limits these troubles. For night-time or long naps, double the insert and if necessary use ‘dry effect’ sheets.
-the skin of newborns is very sensitive and can react to detergents that are too heavily dosed with various chemical products even if you use a little. Use a soft detergent free from glycerin (fabric softener) and Marseille soap.
- the water is perhaps too hard ? Use an anti-scaling product during your washing or even white vinegar.


-Use a protective sheet, it allows fighting against the stains potentially related to the stools and the use of oily creams to treat the redness problem.

-Rinse the diaper if there has been staining overflows.

-Fill your washing machines, but without packing the laundry too much in a way that it can be sufficiently tossed.

-Scrub them lightly with soap (the ideal would be ox-gall soap).
-Don’t overdo with stain removers, organic or not, and do not let your diapers soak with a stain remover. This would damage them.

-Stay Zen : after all, it’s diapers and one or two stains do not mean dirt.


They occur even with disposable diapers, but if they are too recurrent, check these few points:

-Aren’t baby’s clothes too tight? A material that’s too compressed will tend to leak. Neither too tight, nor too loose and it will be perfect.

-try to double the diaper’s absorbency by adding an insert.

-the diaper’s elastics are perhaps too loose ?

-your diapers need unclogging ?

-try other diaper models through a test kit on rental.

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