The washing

It is recommended to use a mild and ecological glycerin-free detergent, without Marseille soap. (The glycerin waterproofs the fabrics, i.e. decreases the absorption capacity, thus increasing leakage risks).

The dosage must be respected, so as not to clog the diapers with detergent residues. Many women users affirm that a half-dose is more than enough. Optionally, add a descaling agent for very hard water. The more you use products, the more you will have residues in your clothes.

Before the first use

According to the absorbent core, various fabrics (cotton terry, hemp, bamboo, fleece…), new cloth diapers reach their maximum absorbency after about ten washes. Do not condemn immediately the diaper model if you notice leaks. Double the insert or change your child more often to prevent the mishaps.


Storing is simply done in a pail or a diaper bag until the washing. (max. 2-3 days). Since the stools are thrown away, the storing will produce only little odours. Regarding the antibacterial and deodorising aspect, you can drop a cotton pad soaked with tea-tree essential oil in the storage pail.

If there have been stools overflows (despite the protective sheet) rinse the diaper under lukewarm water without scrubbing before storing and then washing it.


The diapers, diaper covers and inserts are washed at 40-60 degrees, together with the linen. To preserve and not to damage the rest of the load it is recommended to fasten the velcros. You can do a prewash but this is not compulsory. This soaking in the machine, followed by a spin-drying carried out prior to the wash cycle allows eliminating the urine and stools.

If the child is sick or the stains persist, the diapers can be washed at 60 degrees.

Conventional diapers can also be washed at 90 degrees, however for energy saving reasons and not to shorten the lifespan of the diapers, the program at 60 degrees is preferabl

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