Equipment and Budget?

Equipement en couche lavable Nappilla Luxembourg


For full-time equipment do you offer at least 20 diapers (day 16), and 4 for the night

For equipment half a dozen layers will suffice.

For the TE1: 1 coat = 1 changes

For the TE2: 1 panty protection + 3 absorbent inserts = 3 changes

For the conventional layers: 1 protection panties + 3 conventional layers = 3 changes

Budget couches lavables Nappilla Luxembourg

2-The budget

Although there are various brands and prices on the market, considering an average 6.5 using layers per day between birth and 2 ½ years, costs can be estimated as follows:

A layer of washable any confused system ranges between 10 and 38 euros the unit.

Knowing you need a score of layers to turn properly, without the pressure of detergents, you get a budget between 400 and €700 for about 2 years and a half of use.

If the investment at the outset is more important, it is possible to equip and measure. In addition, the diapers that can be used for several children, the costs can be reduced.

Disposable diapers your budget would be at least 1500 euros per child, about 2 and a half of use and renewable every child, it is largely winning nappies!

So after use, you still have the ability to resell your layers on occasion!

For a test:

Pour un essai en couches lavables Luxembourg Nappilla

For a test:

  • You can start with 5 or 6 layers, for example:
  • 2 TE1
  • 1 TE2 + 3 inserts
  • 2 conventional layers + 1 waterproof pants
  • 1 roll of paper
  • 1 waterproof bag
  • For the complete equipment

For the day:

  • System layer + panties: 15 to 20 conventional layers + protection panties 5
  • System TE2: 15 to 20 + 6 absorbent inserts panties
  • System TE1: 15-20 layers TE1

For the night:

3 or 4 conventional layers + 2 or 3 protection pants


  • A wet bag for the outputs or for chez the nanny (almost all brands of nappies offer).
  • A roll of paper thick for babies suckling, thick or end for diverse babies.
  • A bottle of essential oils (Lavender or tea tree), a spray or a natural (to avoid odors and disinfect if necessary) disinfectant.

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