What is a cloth nappy?

An absorbent core:

  • it retains urine
  • washable

A protective sheet:

  • it helps to protect the diaper and dispose of the stools
  • can be washed

The fabrics:

  • wool
  • fleece 
  • cotton
  • polyurethane laminate (PUL)
  • bamboo
  • hemp
What is à cloth nappy, practical, attractive cloth nappy is not dirty

Practical, attractive and effective, today’s cloth diaper has all the characteristicsof a modern and easy to use product: it is used asa disposable diaper and adapts perfectly to each baby’s features.Chemical-free, it represents no risk to the health of toddlers. Long-lasting, they can be used for a second, or even a third child! Making it also economical. 

Modern cloth nappies suffer from an unjustified, archaic image. An example is:

Cloth nappies= dirty hands? False.

Washable and degradable sheets allow retrieving the stools without dirtying the hands and throwing them into the toilet bowl.  Washing machines are widely used and increasingly efficient and the diapers can be washed together with the rest of the laundry.  They are therefore fully compatible with the lifestyle and modernity of industrialised countries. They also offer advantages in terms of comfort, economy and ecology.

From an environmental perspective, the cloth diapers generate 60 times less solid waste than disposable diapers. In addition they require 3.5 times less energy, 2 to 3 times less water, 3 times less non-renewable raw materials and finally 90 times less renewable materials in their manufacture.

Healthwise, cloth diapers allow the skin to breathe.  Free from any chemical element, they are less aggressive to the baby’s skin. 8.9. Furthermore, children wearing cloth diapers normally get used to potty training faster than those using disposable diapers.

Finally, from the economical angle, cloth diapers are cheaper. They allow more than € 800 savings for a single child. Since cloth diapers can be used for several children, they lead to a reduction in costs.

Therefore cloth diapers are the future, we should get used to them !

Admittedly, some technical vocabulary confuses a little the novices, to become unbeatable on the subject consult our glossary. But no need to panic, it isn’t essential to have a degree to understand how they function !

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