Live better while preserving the environment
To consumer sustainably
Ensure the health of your children.

Ecological point of view:

Respect for nature and the raw materials we seems to be a necessity.The manufacture and disposal of disposable diapers pose problems: bulky and polluting the layers of a single child amounted to a ton, make up 50% of household waste by a family.The average European of waste production amounts to 481kg/hab./an. The Luxembourg average is very high with 653kg/hab./an. The percentage of products of hygiene in our household garbage is an increase of 12.53% despite an overall decrease in waste.
(source : Restabfallanalyse Luxemburg 2014)
Waste hygiene products, including baby diapers, wipes, tampons and sanitary napkins etc. are reducible with good practic


Economic point of view:

The use of disposable diapers represent a budget of around € 1,600 from birth up to the age of the proprete1 against €800 for the same period in cloth diapers.
Waste products. Generate a processing fee. Some municipalities have installed a system of polluter pays to the Luxembourg, this means the municipal administration asking a financial contribution to the capita in kg/waste.
The use of cloth diapers saves you the money, not just to purchase but also to the elimination.

Ecologie c'est possible avec nappilla spécialiste des couches lavables

Health point of view:

Want the best in terms of health for her child seems natural.
All parents want the best for their babies. The tendency to act in a sustainable way in order to preserve the environment and the health of future generations.
Concerned about the materials in contact with the baby, the natural and ecological are privileged.
Due to its composition and its characteristics, the washable layer is therefore a solution more economical, more sustainable, healthier, while being practical and comfortable.
Conventional disposable diapers contain many products toxic, often unknown to the general public. These chemicals are in contact 24 hours a day with a large body surface and their baby during the first 2 to 3 years.

Sandra Siebenaller sage-femme infirmière en pédiatrie massage bébé conseillère en couches lavables

Sandra Siebenaller founder of Nappilla.

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