Descriptions Nappies

Most parents choose cloth diapers for:

  • -respect for nature
  • -the budget
  • -ease of use

For the hesitant or non-experienced I tips:

  • -the services of a cloth nappies consultant
  • -trade at a briefing to see, touch systems
image glossaire couches lavables Nappilla TE1

The full layer AIO (all-in-One, TE1, all-in-one)

  • Nearest the disposable diaper system
  • Ideal to try, easy to use.
  • All tissues are sewn together: the waterproof part and absorbing part
  • Subcategory: Pocket, the waterproof outer layer, is sewn a part in suede or micro fleece, in which, through an opening, just drag an insert.
  • Long to dry, apart the layers Pocket allowing a detachment of various materials. Some models offer overburdened inserts, thereby reducing drying time.
  • Average intake may require the addition of an additional insert.
  • Model multi size (scalable with the age of the child)
  • The waterproof part can be PUL or fleece.
  • Does not move to the dryer if it contains of PUL, or early degradation.


image glossaire couches lavables TE2 Nappilla Luxembourg

The complet cloth nappy  AI2 (All In 2, Snap-in-one)

  • The system combining the classical layer security with the ease of use of the full layer.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Panty protection in which is inserted (pressure buttons) the absorbent part and so, when change, this part can be modular.
  • Shorter drying time, because possible entire detachment of the absorbent part and the waterproof part. If the panties of protection is dry during the Exchange, you can only change the insert.


images couches lavables classiques glossaire Nappilla

The classical cloth  nappy

  • The classical cloth nappy is about fabric.
  • Requires a protective panties over to seal.
  • The most absorbent and economic model.
  • Good system for the nights, long NAPs.
  • Best guaranteed against leakage.
  • An additional insert can be deposited or focus in the layer to increase absorption capacity.
  • Elasticated legs and waist, comes in the form of hourglass.
  • Is available in multi-dye and in one size.
  • Size single, scalable has the disadvantage of being bulky baby < 5kg
  • Proposed by many manufacturers.
  • Supports very well the wash at 60 ° and dryer.
  • Closes with velcro or snaps.


image pour glossaire couches lavables culotte de protection Nappilla

The nappy cover

  • Waterproof but breathable: PUL (polyurethane laminate), wool or fleece.
  • These materials are suitable for very sensitive skin.
  • Covers the classical cloth nappy to ensure airtightness.
  • Closes with velcro or snaps, elasticated legs and waist.
  • Can have gussets, so an additional leak barrier.
  • It can be in the form of a panty or a shorty.
  • Wash if necessary, whenever possible to reuse it several times before you wash it.
  • Better hand washing, machine at 40 ° possible. The dryer is to be avoided, because early deterioration.


image glossaire couches lavables nappilla insert

Inserts, Booster, liners, Pack, Prefolds...

  • Additional absorbing parts for layers.
  • In different materials: cotton, hemp, bamboo, micro fleece...
  • Preformed for a better adaptation to the morphology of the baby or in square fabric fold twice.
  • Depending on the model and brand, binds with pressure, fits into a Pocket, folds and arises simply at the bottom of the layer.
  • Can be doubled in the event of leaks, for long NAPs or nights.


image glossaire couches lavables nappilla culotte de protection en laine

Nappy cover Wool

  • Often wider than the standard protective panties, the shorties are very often used during the nights. They are ideally used above classic layers and allow the addition of inserts increasing uptake. The baby will be very uncomfortable.
  • The shorty comes in different sizes.


image glossaire Nappilla couches lavables culotte d'apprentissage

Training pants, Trainers 

  • Designed for the period of acquisition of cleanliness. This is the same principle as an AI1 layer that slips into pants.
  • It helps to absorb small accidents that occur during the training of the cleanliness.
  • Also suitable for natural infant hygiene. (Windelfrei)
  • Learning Panties can help your child get to the point of cleanliness.


image glossaire couches lavables nappilla feuille de protection

Paper, fleece, Liner

(feuillet de protection en cellulose, ou micropolaire "Windelvlies")

  • The cellulose nonwoven sheet is placed at the bottom of the layer to facilitate maintenance of the washable layer. (No prewash)
  • It collects the poop of the baby to evacuate them in the toilets or garbage cans. If it has not been soiled, it can be washed (machine) 2-3 times and reused.
  • The protective papers are biodegradable, sold in packs or rolls of 100 or 200 sheets. A package will last you several months.
  • If for some reason you need to use a cream, the protective paper protects the layer from fouling (decreased absorption)

(Fleece liner)

  • deposited in the layer in contact with the baby's buttocks, these have a "baby dry" effect.
  • Good for long naps or nights.
  • A good alternative for babies with very sensitive skin that poorly supports cellulose


image glossaire couches lavables Nappilla sac à couches


The wetbag  is used to store dirty nappies while you are traveling with your baby or if it is kept outside, nursery. Unpleasant odors are locked in the bag.
It is made of PUL and closes with a zipper. It is machine washed and dries very quickly.
Its usefulness does not stop at the diapers, very convenient also for excursions to the pool, to store the wet swimsuit or conversely to protect wallet, notebook with crossword during your exit to the beach. ;-)


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