Baby box , berceau premier âge, coffre à jouets luxembourg

The little story about the Baby Box:

This wonderful invention comes straight from our Finnish friends who have been using it for many years, around 80 years. Indeed, this cardboard box has made these time proofs at the level of safety that welfare of the baby. The advice of the professionals of the early childhood are simple: your baby needs a bed adapted to its size, equipped with a mattress also adapted to the bed, a sheet-cover to the exact dimensions of the mattress, neither more nor less to make to sleep your cabbage.

And this is how this great Finnish invention arrives in Luxembourg, for our greatest happiness.

A baby box is reassuring, but why?

The Baby Box has been designed and created by health professionals, to help your baby sleep in peace. It is simply a place totally appropriate to the size of your little butt. This Baby Box has a firm mattress with a good density, dressed with a mattress pad and a fitted sheet in 100% cotton. It is certified without any toxic product for your baby. This beautiful box made of recyclable cardboard FSC certified offers a second advantage, that of becoming a cradle first age and the surprise does not stop there. When you can no longer use the Baby Box as bed or crib, you can transform it into a very nice storage box, a super design box that you can place in your living room as well as in your child's room.

A "UNIQUE" Baby Box, but why?

In this "UNIQUE" baby box, you will find a mattress, a bamboo mattress protector, a 100% cotton fitted sheet and a Marmott washable fabric bag and why "UNIQUE" because you can simply add everything that you want inside, soaps organic baby Clèmence and Vivien brand but also washable diapers, bibs or oils of the Neobulle brand and why with baby wipes of our brands Clarange or Doujan. This is your Baby box, it is UNIQUE, in your image, the image that you want for your child.

This is our difference with other Baby Box that offers a choice of up to 3 Baby Box. With us, it's BABY BOX à la carte, you choose what you want. And at the end of your order, you get -10% on the totality of your cart with the code BABYBOX, it's not beautiful, so enjoy.

Un beau bébé dans une Baby Box, puis un berceau, et un coffre de rangement
La babybox, approuvée par les mamans et les bébés