What material is the MeLuna made from?

MeLuna consists of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). However, this is not just any TPE - our TPE is specifically manufactured for the medical device industry. The production is very closely monitored.

Why is the MeLuna not made from medical grade silicone like the other menstrual cups?

Some of the reasons why we prefer TPE over Silicone are based on improved manufacturing practices that are possible with TPE.
Moreover, TPE feels smooth, dry and not sticky - its tactile properties are so different from silicone. Many products that have been made ​​previously out of rubber or silicone, are now made out ​​of TPE.

TPE has a lower incidence of causing an allergic reaction than silicone.

TPE is also a very pliable material that readily conforms to its surroundings for an even more custom feel for the wearer. You may find that over time your TPE cup becomes a bit more oval in shape after adjusting to its wearer’s shape. This is nothing to worry about. The cup will again conform to your shape the next time you wear it. If you ever would like to return the cup to its original completely round shape, simply boil the cup in hot water.


no latex

How are MeLuna cups manufactured?

MeLuna is manufactured in Gunzenhausen, Germany. 
The high quality, pure plastic granules are placed in a special molding machine to be melted and are then injected under high pressure into the MeLuna molds. The machinery is dedicated for use in the production of menstrual cups only. No other materials come in contact with it. The finished cups are then removed after cooling and all cups are immediately checked one by one. This means they will be assessed from all sides, it is also verified that no tiny air bubbles exist. If any errors are present, the item is not released for sale.