My birth list

Image liste de naissance nappilla Luxembourg

A birth list that suits you.

You are tired of standard birth lists. it's your second or third little piece, your entourage always asks you the questions "did you make a birth list, but where did you make your birth list?" etc.

You already have bed, bottle warmer, sleeping bag, you have cupboards full of baby clothes ...

Have you not thought of washable diapers for example or organic care products for your baby or atypical items like Lalatz bibs.

Nappilla offers you the possibility to create your birth list in Luxembourg.

So you can offer a gift on a Nappilla birth list to a family member or a friend: you just have to click on the family name, you can choose a gift from the birth list, you add it in your basket and you pay online via Paypal Visa or bank transfer.

Paid gifts are not sent directly to parents. The dad or mom of the newborn will pick up their list directly in the store.

Then three cases are available to you concerning the birth lists:

  1. case: the mom or dad sent you the URL link of the birth list and in which case you just have to consult and make a purchase.
  2. case: you have not received the link but the birth list and NOT PRIVATE so you can click left on the birth list of your choice and make a purchase.
  3. case: you have not received the URL link of the birth list, and the list is in PRIVATE mode, in this case, you must contact the mother or dad, to send you the URL link of their list of birth.

More information

If you would like more information on creating your birth list, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to welcome you or simply click on the link how to create a birth list.

If you do not find the list you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page or by phone at +352 26 33 11 04 or +352 691 135 932

It's not necessary to ask us for the URL link of the birth lists, we do not know it, only dad and mom have the link from their list.