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The use of washable diapers is not complicated despite the image they can be given. On the other hand the amount of brands offered can actually destabilize you in your choice.

It is in these conditions that we also offer a service of washable diapers. This allows you to save time without losing yourself on the internet, to try to find the right system.

The counselor and you will work together to find the system that suits you and your baby
Together you will discuss, your questions, your expectations, your choices with this type of exchange system.

With the washable diaper adviser you will talk about the different points:


  • See the ecological side of using washable diapers.
  • The economic side "for your family budget".
  • Also sanitary for your child.
  • Discuss the disadvantages but above all the advantages of using washable diapers for each brand we offer.
  • You will see the different brands of diapers together.
  • You will tackle many themes that will meet your expectations.


In general the average duration of a consultation is between 60 and 90 minutes, of course it remains an average and the duration of the appointment can vary according to your expectations.


  • 60 minutes:35€
  • 90 minutes: 40€
  • 120 minutes: 45€
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