Why choose renting cloth diapers?

The birth of your baby is planned or your baby may have already arrived with you. You probably ask yourself the question but what should I use for him? You doubt between washable diapers or disposable diapers, your entourage gives you their negative or positive experiences and your doubts settle more and more.

But what choice should I make !! .

For you washable it may be a lot of money to invest, a lot of work, machines to do, have a top organization and then not always easy to end up in the quantities of multiple and varied brands that the market offer you; the choice is so fast, you opt for the disposable diapers, but beware:

The image of washable diapers has changed, it does not look like the swaddling of our grandmothers that you had to boil, fold etc. ... a real job as a slave, will you say to me !!.

No, washable diapers are beautiful at first and really beautiful, they are practical, easy to use, almost identical in their use to disposable diapers but in addition, attention, they are more economical yes you read, you save money and not small savings.

They are more ecological (no chemicals in) and finally they are really healthier for your child.You still have doubts, that's why we created the rental of washable diapers, because yes why not test before buying.

The washable diapers are more:


No more odors and your bin full of non-biodegradable disposable diapers.


Yes yes, you will save using washable diapers, a gain of around 800 € per child.


Our diapers do not contain any toxic or chemical substances for your child.

Washable diaper pack rental in Luxembourg

image pack location noueveau-né

Washable cloths pack >4.5 kg

Washable diapers from birth? By renting the newborn pack you have different models of diapers (type Tots bots Teenyfit, Milovia Mini for example) smaller, designed for toddlers from birth to more or less 4 months (depending on the manufacturer and the your baby's template). So you can use washable diapers until the standard size washable diapers are usable on your baby, without investing in small sizes.


1 month 60 €
2 months 100 €

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image pack de location couches lavables standard

Cloth diapers pack> 4.5 kg

This pack contains everything you need to get started in the adventure of the Lavavle Layers:
Different washable diapers. *
Protection sheet.
Washable diapers with snap button.
Washable diapers with scratch.
Protective panties etc.


1 mois 60 €

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