Bamboolik Newborn Classic cloth nappy "Kiwi"

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Inner Nappy made of very absorbent bamboo-cotton material. Need a y cover to ensure waterproofness. (sold separately)

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Well, if you are on the site reading this text, it is because you know a little bit about the washable diapers. But not necessarily the newborn Bamboolik diapers. You probably ask yourself the question, namely, is it possible to have a washable diaper for newborn, well yes quite.

Bamboolik, a European brand little known in France "but not on the side of our German friends who have been using it for many years already" has developed a layer of quality and especially robust for newborns, so-called TE1 (all one) or AIO (all in one).
It is adjustable in two sizes, it goes from a baby of 2 kg to 6kg with a system of snaps to put away.
The washable diapers for newborns, it's really feasible, for cons I will not hide that you may not necessarily use them for a long time about two to three months.

But hey it will be the good opportunity to see if the system of washable diapers and good for you and if you want to continue in the future.

Well, let's go back to the Bamboolik layer.A little detail on this newborn layer, there is a small curvature on the front of the pants which helps protect the umbilical cord. This newborn diaper includes an insert fastened by a snap button system that allows for faster drying of the newborn diaper.
On the other hand, this classic Bamboolik brand diaper will require a protective pant, in order to ensure the waterproofness and this Protective pant is sold separately.

Regarding the composition of the textile, the outer part of the layer is composed of 75% bamboo viscose and 25% cotton, the inner layer is 100% cotton.For the maintenance of this layer nothing more simple, fix the velcro closures as you would for other washable diapers, you will avoid that the velcro does not stick to other clothes of the washing machine. A wash at 60 ° is enough. It's really a very very easy layer of uses.

If nevertheless you have other questions or at least if you have not found all the information about this washable diaper, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page and I would be happy to answer you.

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Bamboolik Newborn Classic cloth nappy "Kiwi"

Bamboolik Newborn Classic cloth nappy "Kiwi"

Inner Nappy made of very absorbent bamboo-cotton material. Need a y cover to ensure waterproofness. (sold separately)


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