ImseVimse TE1 for premature babies

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A practical and modern layer with integrated inserts. To make it simple, a TE1 from ImseVimse

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The all-in-one "Snow Land" ImseVimse diaper is a really easy to use cloth diaper. It could even be compared to a disposable diaper on its use, but not on its composition;) No chemicals and other endocrine disrupters.

So as its name suggests, it is an all-in-one, which means that you will find inside two inserts (one insert-1-: 100% terry cotton/ and another insert -2-: fleece) that are attached to the layer as you can see on the pictures.

It is attached by a velcro system that is fully adjustable which will make it easier for your child to change. The scratch system comes with a flap that you should use when washing diapers so as not to damage your laundry during the washing process. Let's talk about the gusset system, as you can see in the pictures on the left if you are on a computer, this system of comfortable gussets around the thighs provided a very good anti-leak barrier.

You will also notice it in addition to the two inserts that are attached so there is an absorbent core directly integrated into the diaper which is 100% cotton. The outer layer is coated with laminated polyurethane, commonly known as PUL.
Then there are the basic instructions like washing at 60°, no fabric softener that are no longer to be explained. And like all the brand's products, these all-in-one cloth diapers are certified to Oeko Tex standard 100 class 1 standards.

A little information, with us you will only find the size Préma and the size Small, because we have decided not to take the other sizes to focus only on the layers of very small size knowing that other All In One are on the store and which are of excellent quality such as Milovia CoolMax or Polaire or the Easyfit Star brand from Tots Bots which are proven and approved.

ImseVimse has its TE1 cloth diapers manufactured in Latvia "Made in Europe".


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ImseVimse TE1 for premature babies

ImseVimse TE1 for premature babies

A practical and modern layer with integrated inserts. To make it simple, a TE1 from ImseVimse


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