Milovia Microfiber insert

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Microfiber insert of the Milovia brand. If you want a quick absorption, that's what you need.

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So here is the microfiber insert of the Milovia brand, be careful not to always conform to microfiber and micro fleece. We often make an amalgam, but microfibre is not necessarily made from polyester. It should be noted that microfibre is of course a synthetic material that is usually made from acrylic or nylon fibre or indeed polyester, but this is not always the case. In contrast, the fabrics made of micro fleece are 100% polyester and much softer to the touch.

From experience, you must have known people who had great difficulty using the microfibre material, because if you have dry hands for example, it may catch on to a feeling that is not always very pleasant (I speak with knowledge of the facts.)
On the other hand, it is a material that absorbs very well. However, it must be used with another item, either the bamboo tunnel of the same Milovia brand or you can use a stay dry liner also of the same Milovia brand. Simply so as not to put this fabric in contact directly on your child's buttocks. Anyway, it's a piece of advice.

In the video, you can see the use of a microfiber insert with a tunnel, more precisely a Milovia tunnel insert. This is an excellent combination that you can use in the same brand of protective pants or others why not.

S10 x 28 cm (environ 3,5 kg)
M12 x 31,5 cm (environ 10 kg)

See you soon and I hope the video has more for you:)))

Origin: Poland.


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Milovia Microfiber insert

Milovia Microfiber insert

Microfiber insert of the Milovia brand. If you want a quick absorption, that's what you need.


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