Little clouds inserts Zorb™ for cloth nappy

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A new generation insert for washable diapers, for sensitive skin. Little clouds Zorb ™ fabric

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Here is a small novelty in our washable diaper inserts.
If I tell you Zorb ™, I think you will not understand. So it's a new generation fabric that was developed for children with sensitive skin. To quickly explain this fabric look much better moisture inside than other materials, they effectively prevent leakage at the level of the layer and finally, it absorbs moisture up to 20 times faster than the cotton, bamboo viscose or hemp.

Why choose this Zorb ™ fabric: you will no longer need to choose between different absorbent materials. The fabric combines the characteristics of all the best materials.

It keeps a soft appearance after washing even after many washes. This fabric is very breathable and it is really nice on the skin. It absorbs liquids very quickly, much like microfiber, but on the other hand, it does not release moisture even when it is wrung out.
Like hemp, it retains excessively well moisture, it is very good and dries quickly. You will see on the pictures that the insert has an anatomical cut simply for a more comfortable comfort for your child.

Regarding its composition: it is composed of 63% viscose 22% polyester and 15% cotton, so it is anatomically shaped for better comfort. These dimensions are about 31.5 cm long and 13 cm wide and are manufactured in Europe.

Regarding the washing instructions: you can put this insert in a machine up to 60 °. Of course, do not put fabric softener or chlorine type bleach, do not use detergents containing enzymes. However, you can use our stain remover soap before putting it in the machine and if there are some stains do not hesitate to put them in the sun just after getting out of the machine to whiten them naturally.

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Je ne les utilise qu’en booster pour la nuit ou si on prévoit une longue route afin d'éviter le risque de fuites.
Jusqu’à présent, ils font correctement leur job :)

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    Little clouds inserts Zorb™ for cloth nappy

    Little clouds inserts Zorb™ for cloth nappy

    A new generation insert for washable diapers, for sensitive skin. Little clouds Zorb ™ fabric


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