Little CLOUDS Nappy cover - Feathers

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This nappy cover ensures the waterproofness of the classic washable diaper. This is really the benchmark for protective pants, a reference for our German friends.

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Litte CLOUD'S - Nappy cover for cloth diapers

I present you the brand Little Clouds coming straight from Germany with its beautiful nappy cover (Shorty) . Then these protective pants are designed from eco PUL and micro-fleece stretch at the edges for the belly and thighs.

This fleece material allows an ultra-comfortable fit at the belly and thighs while avoiding any trace.
These protective knickers are really the ideal solution for children with sensitive skin, because I repeat this protective pants for washable diapers does not leave any trace on the skin of your baby. It is important to clarify it once again.

Wider than standard pantyhose, these overcoats are often called "shortys" and are usually used during nights. You are a user of washable diapers at night, I recommend this type of clothing, because you can use all washable diapers on your child (big or small with scratch or snap) these panties work superbly well.
As you may have noticed there are several sizes. It goes from S to XXXL. You will find the S, M, L XL and XXL and sometimes the famous XXXL, the size for large children large size with difficulties in their cleanliness. (see table for correspondence with your child).

These shortys really leave a lot of freedom of movement. Your child will be able to move without the slightest worry, you will even just have to leave it with these protective underpants, because it can be used as small shorts, it is a very recommended item when renting cloth diapers.

Sizewaist sizeTower of legweight 
S36-40 cm18-20 cm4-7 kg
M42-46 cm20-24 cm6-10 kg
L44-50 cm24-28 cm9-13 kg
XL46-52 cm28-30 cm13-16 kg
XXL52-60 cm30-34 cm17-21 kg
XXXL60-66 cm32-36 cm> 20 kg

Let's talk a bit about the composition of these overlays: the fabric is polyester and it also has a PUL coating so that moisture will not escape the layer. In addition, these overcoats do not need to be washed after each change of diapers of your baby, but just when they smell bad or are dirty. And of course, you will have to place them in a machine.

Regarding the washing: you can wash them up to 60 °, but a wash at 40 ° will be largely sufficient (no use of softener, no chlorine bleach, nor detergents), you can also wash by hand, as all Little CLOUDS protective pants dry very quickly.

Tip: To prevent overcoating from being damaged by washing them, it is best to put them in a washing net.

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Tip: dirty protective pants should be stored in a cool, dry place until they are dry - do not soak them


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Little CLOUDS Nappy cover - Feathers

Little CLOUDS Nappy cover - Feathers

This nappy cover ensures the waterproofness of the classic washable diaper. This is really the benchmark for protective pants, a reference for our German friends.


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