KiddyLEGS® "CONFORT" Arm, Leg and Arm Warmers

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KiddyLEGS® leggings for toddlers, teens and adults. In cotton, without polyester, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, size about 10 cm by 33 cm. Germany manufacturing

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Do you know this article "leggings for baby, child, and even for adults"?

We started by using the Merya leggings on our girl and boy and then we discovered the KiddyLEGS® leggings which are of superior quality. Our kids wore washable diapers and this leg warmer system was very handy when we had to change our little "cabbage bits". Then our children grew up and we used them as cuffs and knees (if your children tend to move or play on their knees, that's the ideal). I do not hide that myself, I use them as headlines when the weather is refreshing a little bit, it's really very practical. This type of one-size leg warmer is perfect for children, teenagers and even adults. There are different types of leggings "comfort type" or "thermo type" but the system remains the same. I will be able to say that Comfort leggings will be more for use during the spring, summer and mid-fall season and Thermo leggings for the mid-fall and winter season. You will also find a 100% organic cotton version of these leggings.

Advantage with the use of washable diapers:

this article is not a tights, it will not compress the washable diaper and therefore it will avoid any leaks you may have when using tights. And when changing your child this will become much simpler because you will have direct access to the layer without necessarily having to undress your child entirely.

Advantages when using a carrying system:

as you probably know, but when using a carrying system, the baby's legs are often outside, the leggings will protect them at all times.

Advantages when one learns the cleanliness to his child:

it is not always easy to undress one's child when he has to do or ask to pee. This is a super-practical system when your little girl a little boy will ask you urgently to go to the toilet.

How to use KiddyLEGS® leggings:

replacing a tights - on or under pants - under a dress or skirt - as cuffs - if your child and menu you can turn the pad inward it will naturally reduce the diameter of the cuff.

KiddyLEGS® leggings are made in Germany from 95% cotton and 5% elastane with a standard 100% Öko-Tex fabric. KiddyLEGS® leggings are one-size-fits-all around 10cm by 33cm.

How to wash KiddyLEGS® leggings

Machine wash at a temperature of 40 ° Maximum - do not use bleach-like bleach, recommend our stain remover soap - Dry at moderate temperature (60 ° C maximum) - Iron to proscribe or strong restriction - Dry cleaning to be avoided - Hand wash recommended -

Logo KiddyLEGS® jambières ou manchettes pour bébé adolescent et même adulte
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With these timeless designs, these KiddyLEGS® leggings will satisfy you for a long time and for all members of the family


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KiddyLEGS® "CONFORT" Arm, Leg and Arm Warmers

KiddyLEGS® "CONFORT" Arm, Leg and Arm Warmers

KiddyLEGS® leggings for toddlers, teens and adults. In cotton, without polyester, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, size about 10 cm by 33 cm. Germany manufacturing