Bio Liniment, a happiness for baby

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Organic liniment, the essential product to have in your diaper bag. Why ? We talk about it just below

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Baby care: but what good is the liniment?

Liniment is actually a fairly simple product in its manufacture, it is usually made of the same amount of lime water and vegetable oil of olive oil, to speak generally. It is a product that is very popular with moms who use washable diapers or even disposable diapers in general, as it gently cleanses your baby's skin. .

So what are the virtues of this product "liniment"

As I told you right above, it's a product, we can say pretty easy in its preparation. You can, if you wish, make it yourself. You can find recipes on the Internet if you want a basic liniment. By cons if you want a liniment a little more complex with even greater virtues, you're on the right page.
The liniment has the property of cleaning to protect and moisturize the skin of your child (3 in 1), it reduces the redness in the buttocks, but not that, it can also remove what are called crusts of milk.

Now let's talk about using the "liniment"

As you can see in two photos, the liniment comes in a rather thick straw-yellow form and is quite fat. You can use it from birth without any problem, you can use it as a toilet milk for example. You simply take wipes that you will find on our site :)). You put the liniment on to clean the face for example after a meal or during a change to soothe the skin of your baby. In the paragraph just above, I told you that we could use liniment against scallops. So against the crusts of milk, it is advisable to deposit a little bit of liniment on the areas concerned, to let act and put your child in the bath and rinse with a shampoo simply.

I will now talk about the composition of the "liniment".

It consists of bio shea butter organic aloe vera, lime water how I told you just above. There is also organic beeswax, lavender essential oil, organic grapefruit seed extract and organic olive oil, because in fact, it is the basis of liniment.
If, however, you would like more information on this type of product, do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page, I will be happy to answer you.

50ml - 200ml

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Bio Liniment, a happiness for baby

Bio Liniment, a happiness for baby

Organic liniment, the essential product to have in your diaper bag. Why ? We talk about it just below