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This is the essential item in your bathroom, Lamazuna shaving soap. You as your spouse will be able to use it, you battles over who will shave first.

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If we told you a little about the new Lamazuna solid shaving soap.

First of all a little history:
Shaving soap has been around for at least 600 years and it was one of the only products that allowed you to shave easily until World War I, yes yes it's not a joke!

Why use Lamazuna solid shaving soap:
First of all for a healthier shave for your skin because it contains no chemicals, then for an ecological reason you will produce less waste in your bathroom for a zero vision waste in your family, you or your spouse could to use without any problem and to finish during your travels it will be easily transportable.

What is the difference between a solid shaving soap and a gel or shaving foam:

I'll say there are two big differences, the first difference is the time it takes to lather Lamazuna shaving soap. Indeed, it will take a few minutes to obtain a creamy foam while the application of a gel or a foam is almost instantaneous. The second difference concerns the price per shave.
The gel or shaving foam will tend to empty more quickly while if you use a solid shaving soap it will become more economical because the duration will be longer. In addition, after each shave with a solid soap, you will know how much time it will take for you to foam and therefore deduce increase its life to finally maximize this great product.
Make the right choice and opt for this solid shaving soap for you and your man, he will appreciate this gesture.

How to use Lamazuna solid shaving soap:

The use of this solid shaving soap is of a disconcerting simplicity.
OK went away, we explain to you how to use this solid shaving soap. First you pass it under the tap then on your skin, (luckily, this solid soap is used without a badger but of course you can use this article without problem) then a soft and creamy mousse will appear on your skin and from there you can use your razor and it will literally slip while delicacy.
For information, this soap is mixed so you can use it on your legs, under your armpits or on your face but we advise you to avoid getting into the eyes or other mucous membranes it may sting you. It is also not recommended for pregnant women and moms who are breastfeeding their little pieces of cabbage.

Lamazuna solid soap composition:
This soap is composed of natural scent of lemon green tea, coconut oil, white clay, organic shea butter (products from organic farming) which is labeled fair trade.
This solid shaving soap also carries the mention slow cosmetic and cruelty free and vegan. Its composition and without palm oil.

Dimensions 8 cm in diameter and about 2.8 cm height

Its weight is 55 g

If you are still not convinced, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page, I will be happy to answer you


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Solid shaving soap

Solid shaving soap

This is the essential item in your bathroom, Lamazuna shaving soap. You as your spouse will be able to use it, you battles over who will shave first.