Clarange 10 washable wipes for children

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Washable wipes yes, but no matter which ones, I present you wipes two-sided brand Clarange

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Here are the baby wipes frimoussettes brand Clarange.

You're tired of washing your child with disposable wipes full of unfamiliar products and a strange scent that may irritate your baby's skin. You want to change your lifestyle, reduce the consumption of disposable products, you're on the right way and I offer this type of baby wipes.

So, of course, they are washable, reusable, they are oeko tex certified fabric, (and in fact do you know this certification, this guarantees a textile without toxic or chemical additive, for one more evening I invite you to click on the link certificate oeko tex what is it!).

I will tell you now about its use you can use these wipes to clean or wash your child's face, just moisten it a little bit and rub gently you'll see it works very well, it's equivalent to little to the washcloth that you can now store in the closet. Because these wipes are absolutely beautiful.

Me, I particularly recommend these wipes or others that are sold on the site when changing your child. When you change the washable diapers of your child, instead of using disposable wipes (which you can find everywhere and which are a little toxic, it must be said), you use these cute little squares with a liniment for example or just with water to clean your baby's bottom. You will see it is not much more complicated than disposable wipes, I must say that it is simpler and beneficial for the skin of your baby and your trash will tell you thank you.

In this box you will find two colors of washable wipes, 5 blue wipes and 5 orange wipes that Clarange calls frimoussettes, I find it too cute.

I'm going to talk to you now about the savings you can make with 10 washable baby wipes. You can save up to € 150 a year which is not insignificant and you will avoid throwing around 7,000 disposable wipes or cotton square. The planet will tell you thank you, I think your child too.

The composition of these wipes: there are two sides, a sponge face with small loops that will allow you to wash without damaging the skin or irritating the most fragile skin and then a fleece face, a very soft fabric and very soft which will be perfect (with a small addition of liniment) when changing your little bit of cabbage.

My advice: the package is composed of two colors, the trick is to use one color for the upper body and use the other color of wipes for the lower part of the body.
For washing, it's very simple, these washable wipes go into the machine between 30 ° and 60 ° with your household linen, these wipes have a duration of about 300 washes.

Regarding the composition: like all products of the brand Clarange, either the disinfecting disks or baby wipes the system remains the same "two-sided wipes: one side 100% cotton, the other side of the wipe 100% polyester ".

If nevertheless, you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact me via the page contact, I would be happy to answer you, very quickly.

The washable wipes yes, but no matter which ones, I present the two-sided wipes Clarange brand.

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Clarange 10 washable wipes for children

Clarange 10 washable wipes for children

Washable wipes yes, but no matter which ones, I present you wipes two-sided brand Clarange