Almond milk MINI balm from Clémence & Vivien

MINI Baume au lait d'amande

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Finally a balm that wants you good, natural almond milk balm, and nothing but NATURAL.

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This is the new kid from Clémence and Vivien, the MINI version of creamy organic balm with a creamy scent of almond milk. You can now carry your mini organic balm wherever you go. Put your balm in your bag and it will accompany you throughout the day.

This balm brand Clemence and Vivien is totally natural, it is composed of natural essential oils, organic resulting from responsible agriculture.

So why do I insist on this, on the fact that this balm is organic. Because it is important for your skin not to undergo the chemicals of some creams, they damage your skin, and cost you several expensive.

In fact your skin needs what? She needs fat, simply. So, it's true, you could put "olive oil" why not! . In fact it would be enough but smell the olive oil all day, I think that your colleagues or your entourage do not want to have a Mediterranean salad in front of them every day. (Attention I have nothing against these salads I love them). Okay, I'll stop the jokes !!

Let's go back to our Organic Balm of Clemence and Vivien. This MINI balm can be used both on the face as care, on chapped lips or on the body, it will nourish regenerate, moisturize your body naturally and I speak from experience, I use my balm every day. But you have other possibilities, you can use the balm as massage oil, anyway there is no limit to its use just our imagination.

Now, I'm going to talk a bit about its composition: the active ingredients are apricot essential oil and avocado essential oil that are known for their anti-aging effect and that gives a good and beautiful color to your skin. skin and of course shea butter is a little essential product in the cosmetic it softens, regenerates, nourishes, moisturizes your skin smoothly and deeply. If you want more information on shea butter I invite you to read this article.

So why are you going to have this Organic Balm?

First of all this balm is organic and it has a size that can be carried everywhere.
Its scent is totally greedy and the smell of almond milk is very appreciable.

Good to know: the balm Clemence and Vivien is therefore from organic farming and therefore perfectly suitable for pregnant women to fight against stretch marks for example or for your baby and this balm is ideal for dry skin. However, if you need more information do not hesitate to use our contact page. This balm comes in three perfume, Almond Milk Perfume Balm, Citrus Fresh Fragrance Balm and finally, Summer Flowers Perfume Balm.

Capacity 50 ml

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Almond milk MINI balm from Clémence & Vivien

Almond milk MINI balm from Clémence & Vivien

Finally a balm that wants you good, natural almond milk balm, and nothing but NATURAL.