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Deodorant 100% natural, Sage + Mint + Rosemary, deodorant applies to the finger, like a cream, on the armpits. -Bio Vegan-

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Well what is this deodorant balm Clemence and Vivien?

This deodorant has absolutely nothing to do with what you will find in the trade and there is no comparison with the industrial products that you will find, it is a natural product bio and vegan.

This solid deodorant balm is used under the armpits, you take a small hazelnut that you rub gently under the armpits after taking a shower, it is composed of organic essential oil and Vegan, it is without aluminum salt or stone. Alum because in fact what is Alum stone is simply aluminum salt that could promote breast cancer according to some studies.

The particularity of this deodorant balm and having when you used it a non-greasy sensation "a dry feeling", you will also have a feeling of "sweetness".

We want to point out that it is a deodorant balm and not a stick, that is to say that it is a product that he will not avoid making you sweat but that he will avoid the bad ones smells, your sweat system will work perfectly. It is not an antiperspirant it is an anti-odor.

You can renew the application as many times as you want because it contains no endocrine products. In this balm you will find only natural and quality things like geranium essential oil, apricot oil, vitamin E, palmarosa oil and also lavender etc. For more details we invite you to download our INCI file which is just below.

However, if you have any questions about this product we invite you to use our page "contact us", to ask all your questions, we will be happy to answer.

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Très bien

Déodorant très efficace. Une noix de crème suffit à chaque utilisation. Parfum très agréable. Jerecommande



    Je n’ai pas trop eu la chance de l’essayer, car mon mari a vidé le pot entier :)
    Il était sceptique, mais maintenant il adore! J’avais acheté 3 différentes fragrances pour varier de temps en temps et c’est super agréable.
    Merci à Napilla de proposer ce produit, nous sommes ravis!


      Grande Fan

      J'adore l'odeur; le parfum de ce baume hyper pratique, et son efficacité est parfaite , toujours fan de ces produits.


        Vraiment Super

        j'ai enfin trouvé un Déodorant efficace Bio qui n'irrite pas ma peau merci à vous!!


          Efficace et longue tenue

          Cela fait maintenant plus d'une semaine que je l'utilise et je suis à 100% satisfaite. Facile à appliquer et une odeur agréable tout au long de la journée. Définitivement adopté!

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            Déodorant naturel L'herbacé

            Déodorant naturel L'herbacé

            Deodorant 100% natural, Sage + Mint + Rosemary, deodorant applies to the finger, like a cream, on the armpits. -Bio Vegan-