Cold soap "Le Gandhi"

Le Gandhi

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Clémence et Vivien, traditional saponification method based on vegetal oils, Bio Vegan, Made in France

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Cold soap "Le Gandhi" Clemence & Vivien

Regenerating, relaxing and euphoric: The Gandhi soaps give you a positive energy time for a toilet. While clays and charcoal gently cleanse your skin and the delicate moss of castor oil nourishes it, the cocktail of essential oils works ... then a few minutes later, the Gandhi soap has regenerated your body and mind!

Method: cold saponification

What is it?

It's a soap (so it's lava!), But it has nothing to do with what you know: it's soft and nourishing because it's super-rich and it does not make the skin that pulls after the toilet, thanks to the moisturizing glycerin. In addition, it's full of good essential oils completely preserved (because we do not heat them) and it's environmentally friendly! The full carton you are told!

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How to use it?

To get the best of your cold soap, of course we have not invented anything: you must make it foam on wet skin (you read it, it MOUSSE!) Then rinse gently with warm water. After each use, keep your soaps on a small grid for example, it will allow him to keep as long as possible. So know can be used as a shampoo and so will replace your usual shampoo, what happiness.

what's inside?

The soaps of Clemence and Vivien contain only natural and effective:

olive oil *, coconut *, shea butter *, castor sunflower *, vegetable oil of hemp




Une odeur exquise, en plus il mousse je m'en sers comme d'un shampoing, ma commande est arrivée rapidement, pour ma moi parfait.


    savon gourmand

    Savon au parfum délicat qui glisse littéralement sur votre peau grâce à sa texture crémeuse. On aurait presqu'envie de le manger! un vrai plaisir pour une peau bien hydratée.



      Totalement conquise, je suis devenue accro à ce savon de Clémence et Vivien, qui ne m'irrite pas et ne me dessèche pas la peau, pour l'odeur exceptionnelle.

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        Cold soap "Le Gandhi"

        Cold soap "Le Gandhi"

        Clémence et Vivien, traditional saponification method based on vegetal oils, Bio Vegan, Made in France