Lamazuna Peppermint toothpaste solid


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Lamazuna toothpaste are 100% vegan and natural

Our goal is to come in zero waste, thanks to you.

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It does not present the strong toothpaste mint-peppery Lamazuna.

Regarding its use it is quite simple, you take your toothbrush, you moisten a little and then rub your toothbrush on solid toothpaste, you will get like a foam.

From there, you put your toothpaste on a dry place like for example a Luffa sponge, you brush your teeth energetically how to your habit you rinse your teeth and it is finished.

Our tip when using Lamazuna Solid Toothpaste remember to scrub your toothbrush thoroughly by going around the toothpaste otherwise you will only consume one side and the other will fall off the stick.

You only have advantages to use this type of product, firstly it is bio Vega, secondly your zero waste goal will be achieved simply because you can throw your little stick at the compost station and the result will be white teeth without use of products that you find in the standard toothpaste.

So if you want a bathroom zero waste is the article you need.

Calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate cleans and increases the shine of teeth. This is the first component of our toothpaste. Kaolin: White clay, used for its purifying and cleansing properties

Weight: 20g

Contains essential oils, not suitable for pregnant and lactating women and children under 3 years.




Bien sûr il faut s'habituer mais on remarque qu'il lave bien les dents, vraiment simple d'utilisation, agréable en bouche, il faut aimer le fort gout mentholé dans la bouche, très très économique il dure très longtemps, satisfaite

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    Lamazuna Peppermint toothpaste solid

    Lamazuna Peppermint toothpaste solid

    Lamazuna toothpaste are 100% vegan and natural

    Our goal is to come in zero waste, thanks to you.