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  • Inserts
    L ' insert (or lining/pad/booster)

    The insert slides into the Pocket diaper or directly into the panties of protection. There are several types: trained inserts, or untrained (to fold) inserts. Also called booster, lining increases the absorption of the layer. It is especially necessary for longer periods as the night and NAPs.

  • Snappi Windelklammer
  • Wash

  • Wipes

    (Washable) wipes

    The use of washable wipes is often linked to that of the diapers. They allow the baby seat cleaning and washing machine with layers. They allow the cleaning of the child (and adult) to replace the cottons and disposable wipes.

  • Wetbag


    The wetbag is used to store dirty diapers when travelling or when your child is kept outside.

    It is machine-washable and dries very quickly. It must be airtight.

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  • Windelvlies
    Cellulose protection sheet. The slip nonwoven cellulose (paper) is placed at the bottom of the layer in order to collect the baby's stool. If it has not been soiled, it can be washed 2-3 times and be reused.
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Zeige 1 - 14 von 52 Artikeln