Our Philosophy

As a responsible entrepreneur, Nappilla keeps respect for public health and the environment, at the very centre of its practices. 

In this perspective, we have committed ourselves to the following principles:

The promotion of ecologically-responsible alternatives to traditional products and to conservative business practices; thereby actively encouraging sustainability.

In order to reduce CO2 linked to transport, as well as to guarantee fair production conditions, Nappilla has consciously chosen to sell European-made products only.

Since "reusing" is our credo, Nappilla either uses the same wrapping materials over again, or we offer new materials which can be reused.

Nappilla believes in social responsibility. Therefore it has developed partnerships with different local actors in the social fields, and it is involved with
therapeutic workshops. Nappilla is committed to providing satisfactory answers to its clients' questions and expectations.
Wishing you an enjoyable visit on our web site!


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